Orbit's Useful Shit

Plugins, downloads, and tools that I find fancy and want others to use because they are epic .

Privacy Badger Anti Tracking
Yandex.Metrica Opt-Out Tracking Opt-Out
Google Analytics Opt-Out Tracking Opt-Out
Google IBA Opt-Out Tracking Opt-Out
DAA Protect My Choices Tracking Opt-Out
Decentraleyes Local CDN Emulation
IETF Privacy Pass Captcha Solver
Terms Of Service; Didn't Read TOS Rating
Wappalyzer Website Tech Stack Analyzer
Dark Reader Dark Theme Tool
SauceNao Image Search Tool

Pretty great plugins that I basically always use whenever I'm using a web browser - Orbit

7-Zip File Archiver Tool
Cloudflare Warp / DNS Private and faster DNS and Warp Protocol (VPN which is free and fast)
Brave Private and more useful web browser
Everything Very fast windows search Tool
Sandboxie Program isolation (sandbox) Tool
WinAero Tweaker Windows Tweaking Tool
Bitwarden Free and secure Password Manager
Virtualbox x86 virtualization Tool (VM)
F.Lux Screen Color Correction(VM)

Epic programs that I also basically always need ;) - Orbit

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